About me and this museum...

Hello to all, my name is Peter and I am the owner of this website and collection. My passion is to save old chips and CPUs. I love them and I want to share this great parts with you all. So I decided to make this online-museum with high quality pictures of all cpus, chips and other nice stuff of my collection. These museum is for all collectors and people interested in vintage
chips! The tutorials in this section should help people who are at the beginning of their collection and not so experienced in this area.
We, "the old foxes" of collectors tried many ways to handle chips perfectly. Cleaning, straight up bent pins,
opening the die core.. etc. I killed a lot of chips, and some of them were  really really rare!!
I don't want the same to happen to other collectors, and for this reason I want to share my know-how with you.

So maybe some of you will ask : where did you get all this rare parts?
Well, there are many ways to find old chips. The easiest way is to buy your chips on EBay, but this is often a very expensive way! I must admit that I also buy many cpus on EBay, but I prefer to search for them on the

garbage. Anyway, finding a 4004 cpu or something that is like making a jackpot!!

One of my jackpots is a 8008 processor board from the early 70's
I found on the garbage!!
So you can see, searching searching searching..... and you will find one day.

But in future it will be more difficult to find rare parts from the 70´s. I think at least 90% were destroyed or recycled. So much important is this Museum, to keep the history  of these great old cpus alive and chips who are the pioneers for the beginning of a great future with computers and virtual reality.

So you have any old chips or cpus at home, and you don't know what to do with them? I am  always looking  forward to every cpu-donation. I have to thank by that way all donators from the past!

Here some examples of stuff which I saved from the scrap:

EPROM board with lots of MF1702

board with white TR1402

IBM board with A80188