Cleaning Chips:

part 1: scratches on the ceramic

Everyone knows that problem. You found a chip on the scrap, this chip is missing in your collection, but there are awful scratches on the ceramic, and nothing can change that. Many collectors tried many different ways to clean the ceramic. I tried acid, rubbers, all kind of sprays and chemicals, and then I found the perfect paste!!!! It's a polish paste with added  precipitate chalk.

This product is from the company Amway and is called "LOC Metal Cleaner". You only put a little bit of this paste on the chip and rub with a kleenex. It works really great on purple or on white ceramic.
Only on gold lids and gold caps you should not polish with this paste.


awful scratches on the cpu

some paste...

and polish....

rub, rub, rub...

after cleaning, ready. perfect!!


I am absolutely happy about this results. And the same results on white ceramic!! But be careful of the gold lid.

The result of this chip you can see at the end in the next article.

part 2: cleaning the residues of polish pastes and other dirt

Ok, who uses polish pastes and other sticky material, have to clean the chip again to get a really beautiful
clean nice chip. I also searched and tried many ways. But suddenly I found again, a perfect chemical cleaning part. It's a special bathroom cleaner. With a soft tooth brush and water I clean all dirt from the chip, also the rest of the polish paste.
This cleaner does not destroy the black printing on the gold lids, and saves the legs from oxidation.
Easy, all you need in a bathroom: clean, no oxidation on metal...

With this method I am also cleaning all boards! Maybe some of you will say:
static sensitive....blah,blah....

I am always connected to the earth with a anti static bracelet. All boards and chips I have cleaned by this
way are still working ( those of them I am able to test)


I think this is a absolutely great
result! This chip is newer
than after his assembling and
a perfect part for a museum.
If you want more information
- feel free to ask me by mail.

part 3: heat conducting pastes and stickers

A also very foxing  thing for collectors are heat conducting pastes and any other kind of glues and stickers on a cpu.
I tried many sprays and fluids and I found the prefect one. It's a chemical spray which doesn't destroy the printing on a gold cap or other printings. You can remove   pastes and glues very easily.

For cleaning a gold cap you should take a very soft cloth. A normal kleenex will scratch  it!  This spray is called "SOLVENT 50" and costs about 10$. You should
get this spray at any electronic store.