Get a soldered chip off:

Everybody knows this problem. You have an old main board or any other kind of circuit board with nice chips on it. Mostly they are soldered, and you have no idea how to get these chips off without destroying them. But it's very simple. The only  instrument
you will need is a hot-air blower. You can buy the cheapest one you will get in a DIY-Store. The temperature of this blower is high enough to desolder a chip or a socket and it will not stress the material of a chip.

For my experiment here I took an old Intel Socket 7 main board. I'll show you here how to desolder one of the PCI chipsets and the socket 7.Of course, you can also take a special SMD soldering station, but these are very
expensive parts only needed by an electronic specialist.

Let's Start:

Desoldering Intel PCI Chipset

Intel SB82371SB


The distance between blower
and chip should be 5-8 cm.
Blow constantly around the chip.
Be careful around the capacitors.
They will explode if they are too


After 2 minutes you can lift off
the chip carefully with a small


Ready!! A perfect chip
for your collection


The only thing you will
destroy with the blower are other
plastic parts.

Desoldering Socket 7

Blow on the bottom of the
main board behind the
socket. The distance now
should be 2-3 cm

After 1 minute you will see the
board changing. The solder tin
should get hot through the
main board.

With a small screw driver you
can push out the socket.


Ready!! Now you can construct
for example a display board
about the history of sockets?