Where can I find rare chips & CPUs?


Well, there are many options to get chips for your collection. The easiest way is definitely Ebay. It is often
a very expensive way, but sometimes you can buy extremely rare chips. Or sometimes you are really
lucky and you will get a rare CPU very cheap. But don't think it will be easy to grab a bargain on EBay.

You have to search for wrong entered part numbers, wrong descriptions, parts in wrong categories,
best are "unknown seller". They don't have the know-how of chips and sell them cheap or place them
in wrong categories. Then it is possible to get a rare chip very cheap.

Here some Ebay links for cpus and chips:

on Ebay.de :

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4


on Ebay.com :

Link 1 Link 2


CPU-World Forum:

The next option is the forum on cpu-world. Many collectors from the world meet there to speak about
chips and cpus. This forum was really a personal gain for me and my know-how about cpus.
There is also a section for selling and trading chips where you can buy or trade.

Forum Link

Recycling and Scrap Dealers:

The cheapest way to get parts for your collection is the scrap dealer. All computers and electronic stuff
is collected on special recycling places. But in some countries the law does not allow to pick up parts from the
electronic and computer garbage (data privacy). So you always have to  persuade the responsible person of  the
recycling places to support your hobby. I am supported by a big company who is collecting and demounting all
computer garbage from my province. So I must not demount computers and machines, I only have to sort the main
boards and pick up the processors and chips.
So I am able to find the maximum of chips and cpu's to save them from the recycling and keep the history alive!


that's heaven...

each board will be checked...

tons of boards...

tons of computers...


Chip-Traders and Distributors:

The next option for you to buy chips and cpus are chip distributors and traders. Most of them are
extremely expensive. For example: at a trader in US I requested a quote for a 8086 cpu. The price
was 2400 $ !!!! I did not buy this chip :-)
But I found a company in Germany who is selling very cheap a lot of chips. Most chips there are
used, but always in very good condition.

This company is named DEMOTRONIC.

Search what ever you want in their online part list, request a quote, and you will see this Company has really 
cheap cpus and chips from any manufacturer.
The people there are very friendly and helpfully. So if you find  a chip, and you are not sure if that is the right
one, or you want to see it, they will take a picture of it.
Usually they have about 30.000 different parts on stock!