Storing my cpu's chips and boards...


At the moment I have over 2000 cpu's and chips in my collection, and nearly 700 pieces for trade! It's not really easy to find a secure storage where you can also have a look on the parts. So I decided to build a 2 meter long shelf with four levels, and each level with 2 sections. Each section is covered with anti-static mats to save the sensitive chips. The whole shelf is also lighted by diffuse 6mm neon tubes. I think this idea was the easiest and cheapest way between safety and looking.

But no advantage without a disadvantage. The biggest problem is the dust! With a static feather duster you can't work near static sensitive chips. One time I tried it with a vacuum cleaner, but this was no good idea. An 8080 said goodbye :-)

For the moment the best thing I found is a paint brush made of fine cow hair. The fine hairs don't scratch on the gold caps, and you can
easily clean up your chips. I know, that is not less work, but if you love your chips, you take care of them. :-)

For very rare and valuable chips and chipsets, like the MCS-4 chipset, I prefer to use a small thick
picture frame with front glass. Inside anti static mats. This is for static safety and a perfect fixture for these old parts.

I am also putting very rare engineering samples and chips into small clear anti static boxes. So it is impossible to get any fingerprints and scratches on it. Also my opened chips I store in such see-through boxes. That way they don't get dusty and I can use them perfectly for my microscope to take some core pictures.

But for the moment I have too less space for all chips. So I have to store some of them in small metal cases.

I am still working on a new idea with a carpenter to get more space. Article and photos coming online if there is any change to my museum.

Here now some photos:


don't touch these white parts ;-)

perfect boxes for QFP sockets..

some chips on the wall...

no space for new s-spec's :-(

original sealed....

too less space.... :-(

opened die cores of memory chips

MCS-40 Set in frame

some nice 186´s and 286´s :-)