Memory PCB's  


This very nice board contains 32 pieces C2109-3 RAM chips.
That is totally a memory of 64 Kbytes. Enough at the late 70's :-)

Eprom PCB

Very nice board with 7x MF1702AR and 5x MM5202A EPROM's.
I don't know more details about these board, but it is very old and
extremely nice.

Eprom PCB

..and the next EPROM board, but with nice purple chips on it.
This PCB contains 25 pieces of
HN462716 EPROM's.

Siemens Video Memory PCB

Video memory card from the late 70's manufactured by Siemens.
This PCB contains 16x Intersil D2114L3 static RAM's. That is
totally a memory of 8 Kbytes!

Siemens Memory PCB

PCB with 16 pieces of GZF1400D in white ceramic. Manufacturer
of this PCB is also Siemens.

Memory PCB

This very old board contains 8 pieces of MK4102P RAM's. 7 of them
in white ceramic.
I don't know anything about this board, but it's from the early 70's.

digital Q-Bus RAM

2 MB of RAM for Q-Bus DEC systems.