Main Boards  

286 Main Board

Very nice old main board with ceramic Siemens SAB 80286A CPU.
This board contains also a Intel
80287XL coprocessor and
512k of memory.

286 Main Board

Nice old 286 main board with Intel N80286-12 CPU in PLCC package.
This board contains a very nice
IIT 2C87 coprocessor and 512k of memory.

386 Main Board

Very nice main board with Intel A80386DX-25 CPU and Intel
A80387DX-33 FPU. This board also contains 6 MB of RAM
and 256k of 2nd level cache!

ASUS P55P2T40 Dual Socket 7

Very nice ASUS dual processor main board with Intel
chipset. This board contains two A80503-166 MMX CPU'S
8 EDO memory slots, onboard FDD and HDD controller.