Technical Specification

Introduction date:
Addressable memory:

6 MHz
Shottky Bipolar LSI circuit
2-bit Bit-slice processor
??, 6 Microns
512 microinstructions

Several 3002's could be linked together to create a computer.
The Intel 3002 was Intel's first  bipolar Bit-slice device. It was a 2 Bit
device and very unusual because most other devices were 4 Bit.
The 3002 is a peer of the Intel 8080, but the 8080 could only handle 8-bits
of data at time. The 3002 was a 2-bit ALU, but 8 3002's could be linked
together to create a computer that could handle 16-bits at a time.
Signetics was the only second source for the 3002. But in the USSR
were also some clones made.

C3002 C3002 D3002 MD3002/B
Malaysia, MFD 7604
bottom view
Malaysia, MFD 7533
bottom view
Philippines, MFD 7951
bottom view
Philippines, MFD 8403
bottom view

    Signetic/ N3002I Soviet Clone 589NK02
Signetic was one of the second sources to Intel. In the USSR were
also clones of the 3002 made.
    very rare in white/gold
bottom view
 MFD 9116

Intel 3002 Bit-Slice Board (Floppy Disk Controller)

Original Intel Board

4x 3002 processor...

Intel 3001, Microprogramming Control Unit

Intel 3002 Datasheet

core picture of the 3002

3002 pin out