Intel  80386

Technical Specification

A80386EXI Q8042
very rare
Introduction date:
Addressable memory:
Address Bus:
Data Bus:
Number of Transistors:
Number of Instructions:

October, 1985
16  - 33 MHz
32 Bit microprocessor
4 Giga Byte
32 Bit
DX type 32 Bit, SX type 16 Bit
275.000, 1,5 Micron
129 with 32 registers

The Intel 80386, introduced in October 1985, was the successor to the 80286 processor and the first Intel processor with 32-bit data and address busses. It allows multiple application programs to run at the same time

A80386-12 A80386-16 A80386-16
USA, extremely rare piece!! Malaysia, No Logo, No DX, no Sigma Malaysia, No Logo, No DX
A80386-20 A80386DX-16 A80386DX-16
Malaysia, No Logo, No DX Malaysia, No Logo Malaysia, SX213
A80386DX-20 A80386DX-20 A80386DX-20
Malaysia, No Logo Malaysia, SX214 Korea, SX214
A80386DX-20 A80386DX-25 A80386DX-25 IV
Malaysia, SX217 Malaysia, No Logo Malaysia, SD18
A80386DX-25 A80386DX-25 I IV A80386DX-25 IV
Malaysia, SX215 Malaysia, SX097 Korea, SX218
A80386DX-25 IV A80386DX-25 IV A80386DX-25 IV
Malaysia, SX218 Malaysia, SX158 Malaysia, SX543
A80386DX-33 IV A80386DX-33 IV A80386DX-33 IV
Malaysia, SX211 Malaysia, SX219 Malaysia, SX366
A80386DX-33 IV A80386DX-33 IV A80386DX-33 IV
Korea, SX366 Korea, SX544 Malaysia, SX544

KU80386SLBIC-20 KU80386EX25 KU80386EX33
NG80386SX-16 NG80386SX-16 NG80386SX-16
no white printing white Intel and i386 Logo white Intel Logo
NG80386SX-20 NG80386SX-25 NG80386SX-33
C Step    
Low Power    

Rapid Cad 1 , SZ624, USA
Intel RapidCAD:

The Intel Rapid CAD is an Intel 486DX with removed cache in a 386 pin out. To software, it appears to be a 386DX with a math coprocessor, as the 486-specific instructions have been removed from its instruction set.
Rapid CAD is delivered as a set of two chips. RapidCAD-1 is a 132-pin PGA (pin grid array) chip that goes into the CPU socket and replaces the 386DX. It contains the CPU and the FPU. RapidCAD-2 is a 68-pin PGA chip that goes into the 387 coprocessor socket, and contains a simple PAL (Programmable Array of Logic) whose only purpose is to generate the FERR signal normally generated by a coprocessor

Rapid Cad 2 , SZ625, Malaysia

  FW-88386VXSG  Korea  

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