Technical Specification

Introduction date:

Data Bus:
Address Bus:
L1 Cache:

22. March 1993
60-66 MHz
Bipolar CMOS

64 Bit Superscalar Cisc Processor
3.100.000    0,8 um
64 Bit
32 Bit
8+8 KB

The Intel Pentium is a fifth-generation x86 architecture microprocessor. It is the successor to the
486. The Pentium was originally to be named 80586 or i586, but the name was changed to Pentium because numbers could not be trademarked.
The original Pentium microprocessor had the code name P5, and was the first Superscalar Cisc  microprocessor, produced at 0.8 um.
Early versions of the P5 had a problem in the floating point unit that, in rare cases, resulted in reduced precision of division operations. This bug, discovered in 1994, became known as the Pentium FDIV bug. The 60 and 66 MHz 0.8 um versions of the Pentium processors were also known for their fragility and their (for the time) high levels of heat production
Spec with FDIV-bug: SX753, SX754, SX835, SX837, SZ949, SZ950
and all Q-Specs


A80501-60 A80501-60 A80501-60
bottom view
Malaysia, SX753, FDIV- BUG
bottom view
Malaysia, SX835 Old Logo, FDIV- BUG
bottom view

A80501-60 A80501-60 A80501-60
Malaysia, SX835, FDIV- BUG
bottom view
Malaysia, SX948
bottom view
Malaysia, SX974
bottom view

bottom view

A80501-66 A80501-66 A80501-66
Malaysia, SX754, FDIV- BUG
bottom view
Malaysia, SX837 Old Logo, FDIV- BUG
bottom view
Malaysia, SX837, FDIV- BUG
bottom view

Malaysia, SX950
bottom view

Intel Pentium 60 die core

Pentium Pin Out

Intel Pentium Specification