Intel  80502

Technical Specification

PP150, New in Frame
Introduction date:
L1 Cache:
Address Bus:
Data Bus:
Number of Transistors:

A80502 types:
BP80502 types:
FV80502 types:
PCPU3V types:

1994 - 1996
75  - 200 MHz
8+8 Kb
32 Bit
64 Bit

Boxed versions with / without Cooler
Black PGA

The Pentium P54 is a shrink of the P5 to a 0.6 um process. The P5 was dual processor ready and had an internal clock speed different from the front side bus. The P54 was followed by the 3rd generation P54C, which used a 0.35 ?m process - a pure CMOS process, as opposed to the Bipolar CMOS process that was used for the earlier Pentiums


A80502-75 A80502-75 A80502-75
SK122, 2.9V Philippines, SY005 Malaysia, SX961
A80502-75 A80502-75 A80502-75
Malaysia, SX969 Philippines, SX969 Malaysia, SX969,no i75 Stamp
A80502-75 A80502-90 A80502-90
Malaysia, SY005 SK092, 2.9V Malaysia, SX879, FDIV-BUG
A80502-90 A80502-90 A80502-90
Malaysia, SX885,  FDIV-BUG Malaysia, SX909, FDIV-BUG Malaysia, SX957
A80502-90 A80502-90 A80502-90
Malaysia, SX958 Malaysia, SX959 Malaysia, SX968
A80502-100 A80502-100 A80502-100
SK124,  2,9V SX960, FDIV-BUG SX962
A80502-100 A80502-100 A80502-100
SX963 Malaysia, SX963 Malaysia, SX970
A80502-100 A80502-100 A80502-100
Philippines, SY007 Malaysia, SY007 Malaysia, SY046,   3,1V
A80502-120 A80502-120 A80502-120
Malaysia, SK110 SY027, IMPP SX994
A80502-120 A80502-120 A80502-120
SY027,   3,1V Malaysia, SY033 Philippines, SY033
A80502-120 A80502-133 A80502-133
Philippines, SY062 Malaysia, S106J Malaysia, SK098
A80502-133 A80502-133 A80502-133
SK106 Malaysia, SK106J SY022
A80502-133 A80502-133 A80502-133
Malaysia, SY022 Philippines, SY022 SY028,   3,1V
A80502-133 A80502-150 A80502-166
Malaysia, SY126 Malaysia, SY015 Malaysia, SL24R
A80502-166 A80502-166  
Malaysia, SY016 Malaysia, SY016, IMPP  


BP80502-75 BP80502-90 BP80502-100
Philippines, SZ994 Malaysia, SU031 Malaysia, SU032
BP80502-100 BP80502-100 BP80502-120
Malaysia, SU099 Malaysia, SZ996 Malaysia, SL22M
BP80502-120 BP80502-133 BP80502-133
Malaysia, SU100 SL25J, Gold Fake from China Malaysia, SU073
BP80502-150 BP80502-166 BP80502-200 
Malaysia, SU071 Malaysia, SU072 Malaysia, SU114/VSS 


FV80502-166 FV80502-200 FV80502-200
Malaysia, SY037/VSU Malaysia, SL24Q/VSU Malaysia, SY045/VSU
Malaysia, SY045, bigger I200 Logo    


Malaysia, SZ997
Malaysia, SZ994 Malaysia, SZ978
PCPU3V90 PCPU3V100  
Malaysia, SZ995 Malaysia, SZ996  

Special Mobile Versions

PP100 PP133 PP150
Y020, NEW in Frame
Y019, NEW in Frame Y061, NEW in Frame