Intel  80503

Technical Specification
Introduction date:
L1 Cache:
Address Bus:
Data Bus:
Number of Transistors:

A80503 types:
BP80503 types:
FV80503 types:

October 1996
133  - 266 MHz
16+16 Kb
32 Bit
64 Bit

Boxed versions with / without Cooler
Black PGA

In October 1996 Intel released the 4th Pentium generation as the 'Pentium with MMX Technology'. it was based on the standard Pentium core,  but it had a new set of 57 "MMX" (
MultiMedia eXtensions) instructions to improve working on multimedia tasks, such as encoding and decoding media. The software must be specially optimized to make use of MMX, and the increased speed the Pentium MMX showed at its apparition was mainly due to the fact that the internal cache had been doubled in size to 32 KB


A80503-166 A80503-166 A80503-200
Philippines, SL27K Philippines, SL239 Philippines, SL2RY


BP80503-166 BP80503-166 BP80503-200
Malaysia, SL23R Malaysia, SL23X Malaysia, SL23S
BP80503-200 BP80503-233 BP80503-233
Malaysia, SL23W Malaysia, SL293 Malaysia, SL293, no cooler
SL28J, Gold Fake    


FV80503-133 FV80503-150 FV80503-166
SL27C,  2,45V  SL246 Malaysia, SL23R
FV80503-166 FV80503-200 FV80503-200
Malaysia, SL27H SL26J SL27J
FV80503-200 FV80503-233 FV80503-233
SY060 Malaysia, SL2Z3,   1,8V Tillamook SL27S
FV80503-266 Tillamook-300M  
Malaysia,SL2Z4,   1,9V Tillamook faked chip from China  

Special Mobile Versions with MMX

GC80503CSM 166 MHZ GC80503CSM 266 MHZ  
Korea, SL388 Korea, SL389  
TT80503150 TT80503150 TT200
SL26S, 2.45V, on module SL26U, New in Frame SL28P, NEW in Frame
TT200 TT233 TT266
SL28P on module SL28Q SL2N5, on module