Intel Pentium Pro

Technical Specification
Introduction date:


Data Bus:
Address Bus:
L1 Cache:
L2 Cache:

1. November 1995
133 - 200 MHz

64 Bit Micro Processor
Core: 5.500.000 (0.35 Microns)
256 Kbytes Cache: 15.5 Million (0.6 Microns)
512 Kbytes Cache: 31.0 Million (0.35 Microns)
  1 Mbytes Cache: 62.0 Million (0.35 Microns)
64 Bit
36 Bit
8+8 KB
256 Kbytes, 512 Kbytes, 1024 Kbytes
3,3 V

The Pentium Pro is a sixth-generation x86 architecture microprocessor by Intel. Later reduced to a more narrow role as a server and high-end desktop chip. It was introduced using an enormous rectangular Socket 8 form factor in November 1995. Intel has since discontinued it in favor of the newer high-end Xeon processor lines.


BP80521-180 256k BP80521-200 256k KB80521EX133 256k
Malaysia, SU103 Malaysia, SL23M Malaysia, Q0815 Engineering Sample
KB80521EX150 256k KB80521EX150 256k KB80521EX166 512k
Malaysia, SY002 Malaysia, SY010 Malaysia, SY047
KB80521EX180 256k KB80521EX180 256k KB80521EX180 256k
Malaysia, SL22S Malaysia, SL22U Malaysia, SY031
KB80521EX180 256k KB80521EX200 512k KB80521EX200 256k
Malaysia, SY039 Malaysia, Q011 Engineering Sample Malaysia, SL254
KB80521EX200 256k KB80521EX200 256k KB80521EX200 512k
Malaysia, SL22T Malaysia, SL22V Malaysia, SL22Z
KB80521EX200 256k KB80521EX200 256k KB80521EX200 256k
Picture coming soon....
Malaysia, SY013 Malaysia, SY032 Malaysia, SY040
KB80521EX200 512k GJ80521EX200 1M GJ80521EX200 1M
Malaysia, SY048 Philippines, SL25A Philippines, SL259 

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