Technical Specification

Introduction date:
 Timers/Event Counters:
 Power Dissipation:
High performance HMOS Process
8 Bit control oriented Microcomputer
4k x 8
128 x 8 Bit
2 x 16 Bit
111 (64 Single cycle)
-40 - 85C
1,5 Watt

The 8051 is a part of the MCS-51 family.

C8051E (D) D80C51BH KU80C51SL
USA, 8047
extremely rare piece!
Malaysia, 8639 Malaysia

P8051AH P8051AH P8051AHP
Malaysia, 8436 Malaysia Malaysia

N80C51BH N80C51BH N80C51GB
QC1, REV.3E IBM part nr. Q8283, Engineering Sample

Core picture of the C8051E
here for HiRes. picture

8051.pdf     1,1MB

8051 Pin out