Intel  4008

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P-channel silicon gate MOS technology
8-bit address latch

The 4008 is a 8-bit address latch for access to standard memory chips, and has one built-in 4-bit chip select and I/O port. It was designed to be used with the 4009 to make it easier to interface to other chips.
It was used with other MCS-4/40 devices such as the 4004 and 4040 CPU

The 4008 was available in the white ceramic ( C ) package, the brown ceramic ( D ) package and the plastic ( P ) package with gold or silver legs, grey and black plastic.
Some old versions have a embossed "i" an gold legs. They are very rare and extremely
hard to find!

  C4008 P4008  
  Malaysia, 7508 grey, gold legs, embossed "i"