Technical Specification

new C4002-1 in original carrier
Introduction date:


P-channel silicon gate MOS technology
320-bit MOS RAM and 4-bit output port
80 x 4-bit

The 4002 was designed to be used with other MCS-4/40 devices such as the 4004 CPU.
The chip was available in two different metal options 4002-1 and 4002-2 this was to make it possible to extend the chip selection so that 4pcs of 4002 chips could be connected to the 4004 CPU without any external chip selection logic.

 C4002-1 C4002-1 C4002-1
 Grey Traces, NDC Philippines, 7625  Hong Kong, 7601

 C4002-1 C4002-1 C4002-2
 Malaysia, 7639 Hong Kong, 7552 Philippines, 7638 

 C4002-2 D4002-1 P4002-1
 Malaysia, 7634 Philippines, 8025  Philippines, 8050

 P4002-1 P4002-2 P4002-2
  Philippines, 7530 Philippines, 7930 N.D.C

Intel 4002 pinout