Technical Specification

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Introduction date:
Max. access time:
Nom. Supp:
Program Voltage:


P-channel silicon gate MOS technology
Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
256 x 8-bit
750 ns
+5V and -9V
up to -48V

The 1702 was Intel's first official EPROM. The 1702, 4702 & 8702 share the same core. This EPROM's were produced up to the middle of the 80īs.


1702 C1702A C1702A
grey traces, without C prefix grey traces round ceramic package, core=National S.

C1702A C1702A C1702A
Malaysia, 7532 Malaysia, 7529  Black Dots, Mexico

C1702A C1702A C1702A
Gold Dots, Malaysia Gold Dots, NDC Philippines, 7609, opposite ground strap

C1702A C1702A C1702A-2
Philippines, 7619, opposite ground strap Malaysia, 8052 Malaysia, 7639

C1702A-6 C1702A-6 C1702AL
Philippines, 7542, black dots Philippines, 7546, black dot Malaysia, 7844

C1702AL-2 HC1702A-2 KS21247L3
Malaysia, 7813 Malaysia, 7606 Malaysia, 7638

B1702A B1702A B1702A-6
Malaysia, 7633 Malaysia, 7849, with (c)74 Malaysia, 7636

B1702AL B1702AL-2  
Philippines, 8033 Malaysia, 7843  

early 1702 Core marked 1602

later 1702 Core marked 1702