There is something mystical to  white chips and CPU's. I think there is no collector out there who is not
fascinated by white chips. They demonstrate always something special in our collections.
Maybe because white is the color for clarity and virginity and you know angels, brides, nurses and C4004's are white ;-)
Anyway, I think white ceramic chips are pretty cool and I decided to create an own section for
some of these specially nice chips of my collection. Enjoy it.
Note: here is no technical data documented, only the appearance is important in this section!!

One of my favorite is absolutely the DEC PDP11 J11 processor.
On this multicore module you can see two purple ceramic
chips with gold caps.
Small capacitors and a smd transistor
make this cpu to a very impressive beautiful part.

This is the newest part of my collection. With 95 die cores
and 12 x 12 cm square, is this IBM TCM one of the
most beautiful parts of my museum.
Click here to see a picture of this cpu while I held it
in my hand to see the size of this great part.

This IBM MCM belong to a IBM Server Z-Series 900.
A really monster CPU, extremely thick and extremely
beautiful. 13 x 13 cm square and over 1cm thick white
ceramic. Click here to see a picture that you are
able to realize the huge size of this great part.

This impressive very huge IBM TCM  is one of the biggest
CPUs I have ever seen. It's 13x13 cm and 1 cm thick!!
With 36 cores and a lot of gold pins is this processor
a highlight for my collection!

Extreme nice IBM mainframe chip from
the 80's. Very beautiful with this
big gold cap.

Unknown IBM cpu, but also a absolutely beautiful
chip. Very thick ceramic and some other
parts on the top.

IBM Power processor with two cores. Normally with
a heat spreader. But I removed it and got a very
nice cpu for my collection.

Very nice Compaq 21264 Alpha processor.
Chrome heat spreader, heavy thick ceramic
and gold contact pads...
I love to look at this cpu.

Interesting Sperry chip with gold cap and very
uncommon arrangement of the pins at the bottom.
Nice :-)

IBM chip with interesting heat sink. I really
love this exotic IBM chips.

Soviet clone of the DEC J11 processor.
Interesting package. Soviet chips are pretty

Texas Instruments 9900JDL. A white monster in
DIP 68 package.

And don't forget the holy grail of cpu collectors.
A very common package, but nobody can resist
the magic of the first cpu in white ceramic
and gold cap. The Intel C4004.

..... and lot of other nice and interesting packages....