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is a completely private non-profit website made for information and identification of historical Computer Chips. However, maintaining this site consumes lots of time and money and searching and getting new chips does even more. If you feel like you want to help and contribute to this museum, I greatly appreciate your offers and list any donor. In any case I will at least try to refund your expenses for shipping. If you don't have anything to give away, but you think this page is worth supporting, you can donate via PayPal by clicking the button below, I am really thankful for any amount, no matter how small!
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Sponsors of CPU-GALAXY

Special thanks to this company for the great donation to this museum. It's always very nice to
meet people who are interested to save the history of electronic.

Thanks a lot!!!

Special thanks to this great company from Germany. Demotronic Gmbh donated many many chips
to let this museum grow!! Only with the help of companies like Demotronic it is possible to
keep the history of Microprocessors and Microchips alive.

Thanks a lot!!!

This German company donated two very nice heavy silicon ingot's to this museum. One 3" and one 4".
Siltronic is a global leader in the market for hyperpure silicon wafers and a partner to many top-tier chip
manufacturers. Wacker Chemie AG’s semiconductor division operates production facilities in
Europe, Asia and the USA.

Thanks a lot for this great donation!!

This Danish company donated a very nice heavy silicon ingot to this museum.
They are the only silicon supplier in the world, who has specialized exclusively in floatzone silicon.

Thanks a lot for this great donation!!

Special Thanks to all those helping me to realize this museum...

Special thanks to my BEST Friend Maxx who administrates this Homepage. He solves all technical problems I have, day and night.

Dr. Ralf Bülow

Dr. Ralf Bülow, Scientific Project Manager at the University of Applied Sciences from Kiel,  is an expert for ZUSE computers and knows a lot of old IBM serves! I got the chance for a personally tour through the
Zuse collection of the university. Thanks a lot for the great support and the very interesting and
impressive day at Kiel.

Special thanks to Heli. He donated several vintage CPUs and boards. He is always searching for chips
to add them to my collection.
He is my personal live history book for old DEC systems. He knows ALL about this hardware and programming. Awesome...

Thank you very much. You are one of my role models! I hope we can swap our content of our brains one
time by USB or any other kind of interfaces. :-)
Panzenböck Josef
Special thanks to this great guy. He donated several old Chips, Intel CPUs, great vintage tubes and other old electronic stuff. He is always looking for old chips to add to my collection and knows very very much about old electronic. He is my personal live history book!! :-)
Thank you very much!!
Mag. Gerhard Bischof
Special thanks to him!! He is always looking for new chips at several scrap companies. He helps me hour for hour in his spare time to collect chips, cut them out of old boards.....
He spends many hours with me at a big scrap company to find rare chips for my collection.

Thank you very much for your great help!!

Félix Menéndez
Félix Menéndez from Spain donated his processor collection to this museum. He donated about
150 pieces from 286 to P4.
Thank you very much for this great gift!! In our world today it is not normal to get such a bunch of
processors donated without paying anything!

Great contribution!!!
Wolfgang Werkl
Special thanks to Wolfgang. Because of his very good connections he was able to discourage the
company Topsil from Denmark to donate a very awesome silicon ingot to this museum.

Wolfgang is a honestly fan of my work here.

Thank you very much!!
Harald Egger
Special thanks also to Harald. He donated several extremely rare Military Prototype chips and
CPUs. He is also searching for rare chips to donate them to this museum.

Thanks a lot!!
Walder Andreas
Wow, thanks a lot to Andreas. He donated a lot of really cool rare stuff to my museum! Only with the
initiative of the people like him it is possible to save this great parts! Thanks my friend.
Tanja Zemasch
Many thanks to her......

For being a pain in the ass checking my grammar and spelling :)
The company DrauElectronic from Austria donated anti static boxes, foam and several technical
equipment.    Thanks a lot.
Dr. Markus Vogt ...donated several chips, processors and a lot of old interesting main boards and cards.
Thanks a lot.
Alex Brenner He donated several old chips, a great core memory board and a Osborne 1. He knows very much about old
Dr. Pirker Frühauf Donated perfect collectable Intel advertising material from the Intel Museum  
Ingo Fritz Donated several Intel and Sun CPUs. He is always looking for Chips to donate them.  
Wolfgang Donated a perfect 80286 Main Board with Processor and Co-Processor. Thank You  
Harald Wallner Donated several 386EX and 80188 CPU Cards. Thank you very much  
Gernot Rauscher He always looking for interesting parts to add to my collection. He knows very much about chip structure, physical and chemical processes about chip assembling. Thank you.  
Gerhard Islinger Donated many rare chips, CPUs and several old very rare boards!! Thanks a lot, a perfect donation!  
Heribert Jung Donated several old IBM mainframe boards and cards. Thanks a lot!  
Walter Jansen Donated a Intel 8087 processor, sealed in original box! Great donation, thanks a lot!  
Mats Byström Thanks for trading some rare Intel chips I missed in my collection.  
Köck Wolfgang Donated a very rare Commodore SX64 system and some nice old books, all in perfect condition!!
Thanks a lot for this great parts of history!!
Kaufmann Friedrich Donated a very nice and rare core memory multilayer block from an old computer system. Thanks a lot!!  
Falk Special thanks to him. He sold me some extremely rare chips! These chips I will never find again!  
Dr. Sailer Klaus Donated a very very nice Intel bubble memory board!! Thanks a lot for this very nice piece of history!!!  
And thanks to all other who donated some interesting parts:
Reinhard Thomas, Dr. Odrei Martin, Matthias Reik, Mircea Malarski, Michael Wulz, Frits Post, Aspek Wolfgang, Heinz Veitschegger, Tabojer Peter, Mörtl Andreas,