For the moment I have over 2500 chips in my collection. That's really a lot but there are many
chips and CPU's I am still missing in my collection.  I am searching for all chips you can't find
in my museum, also missing specs.
Generally I am always interested on Engineering Samples and all kind of old Intel chips
with C prefix as C4004, C4040, C3101.....
Below a list of the
most wanted CPU's and chips for my collection.
Intel MCS-40 family

4101, 4265(got it in p), 4316, 4801    with any prefix but most wanted "C" prefix
early Intel peripherals, RAM & ROM

C4002-2 white ceramic with grey traces, C4003 white ceramic with grey traces,
1301 with grey traces, 1601
(got it in grey traces), and 1601A white, and white with grey traces,
C1702A with grey traces
early Intel processors

C3002, C4004 G, C4004 with ground strap, C4004 with ground strap and #5 marking, C4004 with grey traces
Intel 8008 and 8080 without "C" prefix, M8008, MC8080A, C8080-B (round white ceramic package)
C8080, C8080-8,
any 8085 with "C" prefix, any 8086 with "C" prefix, but most wanted is the C8086-4
other Intel CPU's and chips

7110(got it :-)), D80C187-12,  C8087H-3, C8087-4, C80286-8, any A80501-60/66 Sample, A80501-60 SX842, PCPU5V60 SZ949, A80501-60 SX926,
Pentium Overdrive PODPMT60X150 SL24V, any PII Sample,


Meanwhile I have a lot of chips and CPU's double in my collection and so they are for trade.
I prefer to trade them against other chips I don't have in my collection, but if you are interested on one of
these chips you are always welcome to make an offer.
NOTE: I will not answer any mails with "how much is this chip.....", here you will
not request a quote of any trade chips! If you something want to have, you
have to make an offer!!
  Download here my trade list:
last update: 26. May 2010
Here now some exemplars of my trade chips...

!!!! Intel MCS-4 SET !!!! C1702A C4002-2

1449 1112 = C2109 C2109-3 C80287-3

C8741A DEC PDP11 J11 IBM Power CPU

AJ87C196JT_Q9447 Sample IDT Winchip C6-PSME 00GA UMC U5S-SUPER33