Memorabilia, like key chains or in synthetic resin molded chips, are always highly collectable. Most of the Intel key chains have a
original die core inside and that makes them looking really nice. Chips which are cast In synthetic resin are mostly only given to employees or
customers, and that's the reason why this stuff is so hard to get.
Key Chain's

Pentium Pro key chain key chain with 386 and 486 die core Intel Overdrive key chain Pentium key chain

pin with P60 die core "pentium PROCESSOR" pin small pentium pin Intel Pentium IV pin
Cast in synthetic resin

Siemens 4M DRAM Siemens 256M SDRAM Siemens SIPMOS Transistors Nixdorf Computer
from relays to chip

Infineon 140nm technology ramp Infineon 256M SDRAM S17 Infineon 256M DDR D11. Infineon 256M SDRAM

Infineon 512M DDR II T90 Infineon Opti-MOS T Qimonda 512M T80 Qimonda 512M DDR2

Intel 4004 25th anniversary clock
build in a original 4004 die core
black Intel advertising alarm clock  

small white Intel doll ( 10 cm) huge Intel doll ( 25 cm) misc. Intel pen's huge Intel coffee cup