Repairing Pins:

Part 1
One of the horrible things for collectors are chips with bent pins.  If no pin is broken there is still hope to
change  the  chip's  appearance. It's very hard work, but if you like your chips you will take care of them ;-)
For a CPU with bent pins like on this photo I use two kinds of grippers. A pointed one for erecting and a
flat one for straightening.
This is really a hard way, but it works. This is possible for all kinds of chips, but not for socket 478.
These pins are too close altogether and  the small pins of a socket 478 CPU break after on time of bending.

Part 2               

An other way to straight up bent pins is a mechanical lead pencil, without the lead. The whole on the top
is 0,5 mm cross. You plug the pencil on the bent pin and bend it straight. easily, but it takes the same time
like the work with the grippers.
But it's possible to repair Socket 478 cpus with this method. Maybe you should take a thinner pencil.



Part 3

A other helpful part I found at an electronic store is a pin straighter for chips in a normal DIP package. It's very easy, you put your
chip with bent pins in this strange object, press, and all pins are straight! Really cool, saves a lot of work!


This part costs about 15$, but it is not easy to get one. I bought it at a small electronic store. It was his last one, told me the seller there. Anyway, I think you should know about it ;-)