Intel  80387

Technical Specification
Introduction date:
Addressable memory:
Address Bus:
Number of Transistors:

February 16, 1987
16 - 33 MHz
80 Bit Math Co-Processor
16 Mega Byte

1,5 Micron

The 80387 was the first Co Processor designed specifically for the Intel 80386 CPU. Earlier system had both (287, 387) sockets. The 80386 does work with an 80287, but the numerical performance is hardly adequate for such a system.


A80387-16 A80387-16 A80387-16B
Malaysia, SX029 Malaysia, SX104 Malaysia, SX009
A80387-20 A80387-20B A80387-25
Malaysia, SX105 Malaysia, SX024 Malaysia, SX106
A80387DX-20 A80387DX-20 A80387DX-25
Malaysia Malaysia, SX105 Malaysia
A80387DX-25 A80387DX-33 A80387DX-33
Malaysia, SX106 Malaysia Malaysia, SX232
A80387DX-33 A80387DX-33 A80387DX 16-33
Malaysia USA USA
A80387DX 16-33 A80387DX 16-33  
Malaysia Korea  
N80387SX-16 N80387SX-20 N80387SX-33
SX237 SZ369  
N80387SL 16-25 N80387SX 16-25  

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