Intel Pentium II

Technical Specification
Introduction date:
Addressable memory:
Address Bus:
Data Bus:
Number of Transistors:
L1 Cache:
L2 Cache:

May 7, 1997
233 - 450 MHz
64 Bit microprocessor
64 Giga Byte
36 Bit
64 Bit
7.500.000  0,35 Micron
16+16 Kbytes
512 Kbytes

The Pentium II is a sixth-generation x86 architecture microprocessor by Intel. It was based on a modified version of the P6 core first used for the Pentium Pro, but with improved 16-bit performance and the addition of the MMX instructions which had already been introduced on the Pentium MMX.
A low-end version of the Pentium II - essentially a Pentium II with less (or no) level 2 cache - was marketed under the name "Celeron". The Pentium II Xeon was a high-end version intended for use on servers.

By early 1999, the Pentium III superseded the Pentium II.


80522PX233512 80522PX233512 80522P233512
Malaysia, SL2HD Philippines, SL2HD Malaysia, SL2QA
80522PX266512 80522PX266512EC 80522PX266512EC
Malaysia, SL2HC Philippines, SL2HE Malaysia, SL2HE
80522PX266512EC 80522PX266512 80522P266512
Ireland, SL2HE Philippines, SL2K9 Malaysia, SL2QB
80522PX266512PE 80522PX300512EC B80523P300512E
Philippines, SL2W7 Philippines, SL2HA Malaysia, SL2QC
B80523P300512E 80523PX300512PE 80523PX333512
Malaysia, SL2YK Costa Rica, SL2W8 Ireland, SL2S5
80523PX333512PE 80523PY350512 B80523P350512E
Ireland, SL2TV Malaysia, SL2S6 Malaysia, SL2SF
80523PY350512PE 80523PY350512PE 80523PY350512PE
Ireland, SL2U3 Malaysia, SL2U3 Malaysia, SL2U4
B80523P350512E B80523P350512E 80523PY400512
Ireland, SL2WZ Malaysia, SL2WZ Philippines, SL2S7
80523PY450512PE 80523PY450512PE 80523PY450512PE
Ireland, SL2U6 Malaysia, SL2U6 Ireland, SL2U7
  Malaysia, SL2YM  
350/512/100/2,0V S1 350/512/100/2,0V S1 400/512/100/2,0V S1
Philippines, SL356 Philippines, SL37F Malaysia, SL37G
400/512/100/2,0V S1 400/512/100/2,0V S1 400/512/100/2,0V S1
Costa Rica, SL357 Ireland, SL3D5  
  400/512/100/2,0V S1  
  Philippines, SL3EE  

Pentium II Mobile

PII Mobile 233 MHz, 512 Kb Cache, SL2RQ
PII Mobile 233 MHz, 512 Kb Cache, SL2KH
PII Mobile 266 MHz, 512 Kb Cache, SL2KJ
PII Mobile 300 MHz, 256 Kb Cache, SL2RS
PII Mobile 300 MHz, 256 Kb Cache, SL2Y7
PII Mobile 366 MHz, 256 Kb Cache, SL36Z
PII Mobile MMCII package 233 MHz , 512 kb Cache
PII Mobile MMCI package Engineering Sample


Pentium II CPU