Intel MCS-4

Technical Specification
The MCS-4 chipset was a set of devices to make it possible to build a complete computer system.

Complete MCS4-Set
white Ceramic, gold
very rare!!
4001 2048-bit Mask Programmable MOS ROM and 4-bit I/O  > more info
4002 320-bit MOS RAM and 4-bit output port > more info
4003 10-bit Serial-in/Parallel-out, Serial-out MOS Shift Register > more info
4004 4-bit Central Processor Unit with 45 instructions > more info

C4001 C4001 C4001
Three Lines, Grey Traces Three Lines, Malaysia, 7528 Three Lines, USA, 7819 NOS
C4001 C4001 C4001
Three Lines, Mexico, 7409, NOS Two Lines, Malaysia 7817, Ground Strap NOS Two Lines, Malaysia 7816, Ground Strap NOS
P4001 P4001  
Two Lines, 7640 Three Lines, Malaysia 7605  

C4002-1 C4002-1 C4002-1
Three Lines, Grey, NDC Two Lines, Malaysia 7639 Two Lines, Hong Kong, 7552
C4002-1 C4002-1 C4002-2
Three Lines, Philippines, 7625 Three Lines, Hong Kong, 7601 Three Lines, Malaysia, 7634
C4002-2 D4002-1 P4002-1
 Two Lines, Philippines, 7638 Two Lines, Philippines, 8025 Two Lines, Philippines, 8050
P4002-1 P4002-2 P4002-2
Two Lines, Grey, Philippines 7530 Philippines, 7930 Two Lines, Grey, N.D.C.

C4003 C4003 C4003
Grey, H6696, Malaysia, N.D.C. Grey, H9902, Malaysia, N.D.C
Two Lines, N.D.C
C4003 C4003 C4003
Three Lines, Philippines, 7534 Three Lines, Malaysia, 7531  Three Lines, Malaysia, N.D.C.
C4003 P4003 P4003
Three Lines, Malaysia, 7538 Two Lines, Grey, Philippines, N.D.C. Two Lines, Black, Philippines 8035





Grey Traces, Hong Kong, 7535

Two Lines, Malaysia NOS ,7530

 Three Lines, Philippines, 7604


D4004 P4004

Three Lines, N.D.C.

Malaysia, 8101 Philippines, 8037
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