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03.01.2019 YouTube Channel Online
15.07.2012 C8702A-4, HC8708,
07.11.2011 C3002 round package, C3002, C1702A grey traces, C1702A-2, HC1702A-2,
06.11.2011 New section: Memorabilia
23.11.2010 C2704, N3002I white/gold, 589NK02, core-picture 3002,
New sections: Intel 1601,
Contributors updated,
collection-list updated,
03.10.2010 New sections: Intel 1301, Memory PCB's, MainBoards,
Reworked section: Intel 8035,
very heavy silicon ingot, Intel 1301, PII MMC1 Q761 Sample, C1404A, A5C180-75, D85C220-80,
CJ5C090-50, B2101A-4, C8185-2, P4565, P8253-5, P8251A, P8291, P8039HL, P8035AHL,
22.07.2010 New opened section in "Boards": DEC & Alpha
04.07.2010 C27210-170V05, D27C210-150V10, D2764, D2764A-2, D27256, D87C257-200V10, D27512J-1,
Contributors updated,
New complete system added: IBM PS/2 Model 50Z,
26.05.2010 P4201A, D4201A, C1103A, D1103, P2102A-4, C2102, 3301A brown ceramic, N80C196KC20,
D8155, D87C51 (c) 1980, D87C51 (c) 80.86, AM8052 Eng. Sample, 68EM05C4ELC Eng. Sample,
D169 Eng. Sample, A80860XR-40 SX438 with 'XR' logo, A80376-16 Eng. Sample, A82370 Q204,
trade-list  updated,
22.05.2010 Reworked Sections: Intel 4201, Intel 1402, Intel 4001, Contributors
Intel 7110-4 Bubble Memory, C3405 NOS in carrier, 4201 new in carrier, C8008-1 NOS in carrier,
C1402A NOS in carrier, P2102 NOS in carrier, C4002-1 grey traces NOS in carrier, C4001 grey
traces NOS in carrier, P4001 NOS in carrier, D3222, MD8255A/B, C2114L-2, C2107B-6, P21256,
P28F010-200, N28F010-200, N89C026XE, N80C152JB, N8259A-2, N82C501AD, E28F008SA-120,
82550GY, B2616,
19.04.2010 Reworked Sections: Intel X-Scale & Strong ARM, added 2 CPUs in this section,
Downloads reworked and new Wallpapers added.
IBM MCM 21L2714 added, CJ87C51GB Q8282 Sample,
Section Boards opened, but still under construction!!
Article released in a regional magazine, I became a Title Story VIP :-)
17.03.2010 IBM PS2 model 30 added, Nixdorf 8810 M35 added, lot of new wafers added in "unfinished" section,
demounting an IBM MCM Part II added,
04.03.2010 Hewlett Packard HP-29C vintage calculator added,
21.02.2010 Section Complete Systems opened. Sanyo ICC-82D Calculator added
02.02.2010 Reworked sections: 1701, 1702, 4009, 8031, 8748, 8032, 8051,8042,
Intel 1701 grey traces, Intel 1702 grey traces, A80860XR-40 SAMPLE, C4308, P4009 gold legs,
AF82801JB SAMPLE, P2102, P2102A, D80C31BH-2, D8748, P80C32, N80C51BH, P8275,
D8257, A82385-25, A82370-16, RG82865PE, RC82545EM, N8042AH,
27.01.2010 Section Trade and section Contributors now also available in German.
17.01.2010 New article added: Faked CPU's,
Reworked section: Trade & Wanted
27.12.2009 Reworked  sections: other Intel chips, Intel 3002, Intel 80187, Pentium 80501
Intel 3002 Board added: Pic1, Pic2, Pic3,
N80C187-12, N80C187-16, A80501-66 SX754,
13.12.2009 RAM,ROM,EPROM overview section reworked,
New LOGO designed for CPU-GALAXY
04.12.2009 IBM TCM, C3104, 1403A, HC2708 1 marking, HC2708 ground strap, MR2764/B-25,
1302 old package, 1302 newer package,
NEW section opened: INTEL 1302
15.11.2009 NEW section opened!!! PURPLE BEAUTIES
FW524RX533 QG11ES SAMPLE, A80486SX2-50 Q0498 SAMPLE, QKBM Intel Secret,
AJ87C196KL Q9314 SAMPLE, AJ87C196KT Q9405 SAMPLE, AJ87C196KL core picture,
WD76C10LP Prototype, WD76C21 Prototype, WD76C30 Prototype, FE3000A-ES, FE2010A-ES,
26.10.2009 D2104A, C2116, C2113, C2105, C8111A-4, C2112A, C3405, A82385-33, A82596SX-20,
A82497-66, C82586-10, C8095-90, C8251 round package, FW82371EB, R8206-1, N80196NT,
D27128-4, D27512J-2, D27513-3, D27C220-150, D27C220-200, D27C400-150, D8041A,
collection-list updated, trade-list  updated, reworked other-intel-eprom section,
18.10.2009 Reworked Intel-CPU overview section, Reworked Intel 8008 section, Reworked Intel 4040 section,
05.10.2009 NEW section opened!!  WHITE BEAUTIES  warning, extremely nice, Intel 8702
Reworked Sections: 3003, 2102, 3101, 8751

D3003, C2102 (1449 1112) right GS, D2102A-4, C3101 white, C8702A, D87C51FA, P87C51FB,
27.09.2009 K80860-40, Intel Paragon  MP16 CPU-Board,
Intel 860 Section reworked.
17.09.2009 A80502-75 SY005, A80502-75 SK122, A80502-90 SK092, A80502-90 SX885, A80502-120 SK110,
A80502-120 SY027, A80502-133 S106J, A80502-133 SK098, A80502-133 SK106J,
KB80521EX200 SL254, Pre-Production Chip from Kyocera, TT80503-150 SL26S, TT266 SL2N5,
TT200 SL28P, A80387DX-20 SX105, A80387DX16-33 USA, A80386DX-33 SX211,
A80386DX-33 SX544 Korea, A80286-10 S54086,
13.09.2009 PII 233 SL2QA, PII 266 SL2HC, PII 266 SL2K9, PII 266 SL2W7, PII 300 SL2QC, PII 333 SL2TV,
PII 350 SL2U4, PII 350 SL2WZ, PII 400 SL2U6 Malay, PII 400 SL2U6 Ireland, PII 400 SL3D5,
PII 400 SL3EE, PII Mobile 300 SL2Y7, PII Mobile 233 MMC2, Celeron 300 SL2X8,
Celeron 300A SL32A, Celeron 333 SL32B, PIII 450 SL364, PIII 450 SL37C, PIII 500 SL3CD,
06.09.2009 Started new design for my homepage. New header-logo, self made "grey traced chip buttons",
Cpu-Overview Section reworked with preview windows.... love it :-), disclaimer and imprint reworked,
section Intel Case Stickers reworked,
28.06.2009 Section Original Boxed CPUs reworked. Added new boxes to my collection.
11.06.2009 Section Articles/Info/Tutorials reworked. Available now in GERMAN & ENGLISH.
New articles and Tutorials added:  demounting IBM TCM, CPU's in space......
03.05.2009 N87C196KB16, AJ8796JC ES core picture, KU82556, KU82596-DX33, KU82359A-2,
KU82335, KD82750DB-20, NG82357 SZ490, NG82358DT-33, S82352 SZ397, P8255A-5,
P8050AH, P8256AH, P8279-5, P8245, P2114AL-4, PA28F400BVB60, PA28F400BVT60
D8253-5, IXE5416EC, 638996-301, 356-3010 REV7, 612130-2, P8155, P8155-2,
P8257-5, B1702A, D8752BH,
collection-list updated,
29.04.2009 ALTERA EPB2001JC-ES Sample, Z-80A CPU CS, Z-80A DMA CS, Z-80A CTC CS,
S82353 ES Sample, C3214, 1402A grey traces "intel spelled out", P4008 grey/gold,
C8051E (D), core picture of C8051E, C8087-6,
12.03.2009 BP80503-200 SL23S, Celeron 1200 SL5Y5, Celeron 700 SL48F, Celeron 667 SL48E,
Celeron 633 SL4NY, Celeron 633 SL3VS, PIII 667 Alu-Top, PIII 667 SL3XW, PIII 800 SL4CD, PIII 866 SL43J, PIII 866 SL4CB, PIII 933 SL4ME, PIII 1000 SL52R Philip., PIII 1000 SL52R Malay., R80286-8 SX123, R80186 S4885, P8085A, P8085AH, P8085AH-2,
03.03.2009 AJ9796JC Sample, AJ87C196CA Sample, AJ87C196JT Sample, FW82801FBM Sample,
DEC 21-47307-01 Prototype, C80960SA-16 Sample, N80C51GB Sample,
Section unfinished chips and semiconductors updated,
trade-list  updated,
donators added,
26.01.2009 Section Samples opened. Extremely rare engineering samples to see
13.01.2009 New Video of CPU-Galaxy, C27010-200, D27210-200, C1702A, A87C452P, N89C026LT,
P89027, P8255A-5, P5C090-50, P28F001BX-T150,
collection-list updated,
07.01.2009 Section unfinished chips and semiconductors updated. A lot of nice stuff!!!
27.12.2008 A80860XP-50 SX649, NG80960JA-25, KU80486SX-16, KU80486SX-25 LOW POWER,
PII Mobile 233, PII Mobile 300, PIV 1,50 SL59V, XEON 1400MP SL5FZ, PP150 Y020,
PPro 180 SL22U, PIII 533EB SL3N6, PIII 650 SL3XK, PII SL2S7, PII SL2U3, PII SL2S6,
Itanium 6672M Q012, Itanium 6674M
QS05, BP80502-120 SL22M, A80502-166 SL24R,
FV80502-200 SY045, A80386-16 no sigma, FV824RX300 SL36A,
14.12.2008 MR87C51/B, A82380-20 Q482_Sample, A82380-16, C8208, C82730, C8207-12,
C2104-6, C2147, C2116-3, A8206-1, D8284A, D8279-5, D8255A-5, D3624A, P8254,
N82586-10, PA28F400BX, D2817A-2, 1449-1112 Customer Sample, D27512-250V05,
D27256J, G2764-3, D2764-3, D2764-4, P8051AHP, P80C31BH, P80C31BH,
trade-list and collection-list updated,
2.12.2008 C4040, 2"wafer cut on tape, Core Picture of C4001, Core Picture of C3301,
D2114-3, D2114A-5, QD2114AL-1, QD2114AL-2, D27C512J-150, D27256-2, D27128A, D27C256-25, D27C256-150, D27C010J-150, P2732A, P27128A-2, P27C010-150, C8748, P80C49H, B8702A-4,
18.11.2008 New section opened: Unready Chips and Trays  
extremely nice and beautiful items!!!
11.11.2008 FW82815, FW82439TX, FW82801AA, N82592, N82560, E28F640J3A120, P8243,
P8259A, P2114A-6, P83C51FA, P8242, P8040AHL, P8048H,
08.11.2008 New section opened: section 8X196,
N80C196KB12, N80C196KC, N80C196KC16, N80C196KC18, S80C196KW,
07.11.2008 New sections opened: section 4207, section 4209, section 4211, extremely rare chips updated!!  C8275, C8251, C4269, C2101, C4207, C4209, C4211
06.11.2008 New sections opened: section 4008, section 4009, section 4201 4009 Core Picture,
C4008, C4009, C4201 Engineering Sample,
04.11.2008 KU82395DX-25, KD82351, NG82357, NG82358-33, S82352, TE28F160S570, N28F010,
Index added in "other Intel Chips"
26.10.2008 C4702A, C1702A opposite ground strap, C8255, C8206, C8207-2, C8231A, C8231A-8,
A82385-20 (B), A82485-33, A82498-66, A82596DX-25, D8289-1, D2004-2, D8251A,
D8237A-5, D8089A-3, D80130-6, 21554AA, N82077AA, N82077AA-1,
21.10.2008 AJ87C51GB Engineering Sample, R8751H, C8751H-88, U87C51HB, TP87C51FA,
KU80C51SL, D80C51BH, P8051AH, P8031AH package 1, P8031AH package 2,
P80C31BH, S80C31-1, P8035AHL, P8035HL, P8742AH, N8742AH,
 20.10.2008 3301A grey trances, 3301A white, C1402A grey traces, C1402A white, C2102AL-4 grey traces, C2102A-4 white, C2117-5, C2117-5 ground strap,
19.10.2008 C8080A two lines, P8080A old package, MD8080A/B, D8080A, Siemens SAB8008-1C,
A80386DX33 SX219, NG80386SX-16 only white Intel Logo, A80486DX-25 SX328, A80486DX-33 SA5V1X SX767, MD8086 Q Malaysia, P8085AH2, P8085AH2, P8088,
P IV 1,5 GHz SL4SH Costa Rica, N80960SA10, A80960SA16 SW226,  N80C186-8,
03.10.2008 C4004 two lines no date code, C8008 three lines,  Malaysia 7807
C8008 Ground Strap, Malaysia 7522
 02.10.2008 Opened new section:  Intel Case Stickers
01.10.2008 new wallpapers added, video walk through CPU-GALAXY,
trade-list and collection-list updated.